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A Call for Donations - Our Community Needs Your Help!

As you may have noticed, our circa-1950 Vitale Office Building/Sheriff Substation is no more! This building, which served so many vital needs of our community, including a home for the Conesus Lake Association, will be replaced with a beautiful new structure this spring, funded by the Town of Livonia. As planning proceeded on the new building, many organizations working together realized that this new building could be far more than a replacement community meeting room. It will serve as a Watershed Center for Environmental Awareness and an educational center for Best Practices to protect Conesus Lake.

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Streambank Remediation

 A Message from CLA President Mike Saviola –

The Link below will take you to the January 9, 2017 Livingston County Press Release regarding the Conesus Lake Watershed Streambank Erosion Remediation Project that has been recognized by a regional branch of the American Public Works Association. 

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Planning for Solar

In November 2015, the Livingston County Environmental Management Council (EMC) offered a presentation, "Energy Efficient Municipal Projects", hosted by SUNY Geneseo.  This program was a great success with 46 participants, reaching 2 counties and 10 municipalities.  In light of the interest in alternative energy education/training, the EMC is pleased to offer another program focusing on solar.

The Livingston County EMC is sponsoring the "Planning for Solar:  Solar Energy as a Primary Land Use" presentation.  Large and small-scale solar energy systems (i.e. solar farms) are up and coming land uses in this region.  In many cases, Towns and Villages do not yet have zoning to address these land uses. We anticipate solar land use applications in the near future in Livingston County.  If you have an interest in learning about solar technologies, solar farms as a primary land use, and the pros and cons of solar, please join us for this presentation.  

This presentation is open to municipalities and the general public.

Date & Time:  January 27, 2016, 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Livingston County Government Center, Room 205 & 208, Geneseo

Note:  Planning and Zoning Board members can earn up to 1 hour of training credit.

Please see the attached flyer for full details and location map.  Contact the Livingston County Planning Department to reserve a spot or for more information.  

Thank you,
Mary Underhill
Planning Assistant
Livingston County Planning Department
6 Court Street - Room 305
Geneseo, NY  14454
Phone:  (585) 243-7550
Fax:  (585) 243-7566

Solar Farms PDF

Directions PDF


Summary of Conesus Lake Fisheries Surveys 2001-2009

As seen in the CLA newsletter, Laker News, Winter 2015 issue, pages 12 and 13.

Warm water fisheries assessments using standard gangs of gill nets were conducted in Conesus Lake in September 2001, 2004, and 2009. The purpose of the surveys was to assess the fish community; the contribution of stocked fingerlings to the walleye population; estimate population characteristics of walleye, smallmouth bass, and northern pike; compare fish community structure to previous surveys; and guide the development of appropriate management recommendations.

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