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Conesus Lake Looking South

Photo by Lynn Arial.

Ice Fishing

Winter weekends bring out many hearty fisherman.

We have a serious problem on our lake

In the first month of the 2017 season, there have been 4 buoys hit with one of them a swim area buoy close to shore at Camp Stella Maris. This is an alarming statistic! These buoys are visible objects in our lake. Swimmers and kayakers are much less visible in the water. Our concern and fear is that inattentive boat operators could hit a kayaker or a swimmer in the water. It is incumbent on all of us to be more responsible boat operators by being attentive while piloting our craft. Pontoon boat pilots need to be sure they have visibility in front of them. Passengers need to be seated so as not to block the captain’s visibility. Let’s all take responsibility for this problem when on the water. Please report boats leaving a wake inside the buoys by calling 911 with a boat description of the offender. Also let’s be better boaters by paying attention and aware of where we are going. This is not a new problem. Last year we had 14 buoys hit with one of them a swim area buoy at Long Point.

Each of us can solve this problem and avoid the tragic event of striking a swimmer or kayaker in the water. Also the Sherriff has committed to step up patrols inside of the buoys and issue citations for violators.

Thanks to all for attention to this serious matter. Let’s go forward with a safe summer.

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